philippine: massacre de chien pour la viande

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VOICI LA PETITION EN LIGNE :  (attention images choc !!)

It is estimated that around 500 000 dogs are killed annually in the
Philippines for human consumption. Eating dogs has been illegal since
1998, but because of a lack of enforcement, live dogs and dog meat are
sold openly in the market place and restaurants. Although the vast
majority of Filipinos don’t consume dogs, the lucrative trade in dog
meat is becoming more prevalent, especially in the north of the
Philippines in the region surrounding Baguio City. Here dogs are treated
as nothing more than objects.
Crammed so tightly into wire cages they cannot move, struggling for
every breath in the stifling *heat with their mouths tied shut, dogs are
riped on, gutted, deskined and cutted while they are still alive and
***(information has been taken from Global Action Network homepage -

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