lutte et petition contre le depeçage vivant des animaux de fourrure

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Action Alert: Animals skinned alive for fur

Download the video footage (many people will find this distressing) :

Ways that you can help to stop this are at the bottom of this post.,10117,12123015-23109,00.html

ANIMALS being raised in China's Hebei province to supply fur for clothing are being skinned alive, a Swiss animal protection group said today. The group (PSA) said it had six hours of video film and 550 photographs taken by local activists showing foxes, wild dogs or martens being clubbed or thrown to the ground to knock them unconscious, thereby avoiding damage to their pelts.

Most of the animals are just stunned and often recover consciousness while they are being skinned, leaving them in agony for up to ten minutes before they die, PSA said in a statement.

"This inconceivable horror exceeds anything we knew so far on the way animals are killed in the west," it added.

Many cheap furs on sale in Europe, or used as linings for hoods and collars, come from China, according to the group.

It said it wanted every consumer to understand "how these animals lived and how they met their end".

More than 1.5 million foxes, and about as many martens, mink, rabbits, dogs and cats are raised in China every year for their fur, according to PSA.

The animal protection group asked the Swiss government last year to ban imports of dog and cat fur from China.

How you can help

1. Send a message to the Chinese ambassador to express your concerns about the Chinese fur trade by e-postcard or write a letter to the Chinese ambassador.

2. Sign the online petition


VIDEO Warning: Includes Graphic & Shocking Evidence


3. Write to your local MP using our suggested template. You can find out the name and contact details of your local MP by clicking here.

4. Write to the British Fur Trade Association to express your concerns about their involvement in the Chinese fur trade:
Robert Morgan, Executive Officer, British Fur Trade Association, Brookstone House, 6 Elthorne Road, London, N19 4AG, UK
Fax 020 7281 1374

5. Inform your friends and family about the grossly inhumane treatment of animals on Chinese fur farms, and distribute leaflets to spread the word about this appalling trade. Please email or call them on 01306 627900 to order some leaflets.

More info is at

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martine 10/11/2007 15:55

bonjour c'est déguelasse que l'on puisse faire çc a des animaux sans défense!!!!!!!

NATH 08/09/2006 03:16

Nous avec un pote, on avait une solutions radicale!!A chaque fois qu'on voyait une femme avec un manteau de fourrure, on la traitait de criminelle, on lui foutait la honte devant tout le monde.On la traitait vraiment des pires insultes en public. Je peux te dire que la personne, elle a l'air vraiment con.Quand on touche l'ego d'un humain, en particulier en lui foutant la  honte en public, tout d'un coup, il a un cerveau, il commence à se poser des questions ou du moins, il n'a pas envie que ça se reproduise car il est  trop fier de son image...Les chinois, on peut rien faire. Leur business rapporte trop de blé, y compris à l'état, donc ils n'arrêteront pas. Par contre, si tout le monde arrête d'acheter ces merdes, ils arrêteront car ça ne rapportera plus rien.

zaza 11/08/2005 22:47

C'est vraiment horrible, je n'arrive toujours pas à comprendre comment on peut faire ça aux animaux, franchement ça fait trop mal au coeur. J'espère que ton blog va bien circuler et qu'un maximum pouvoir voir ces images poignantes. Bonne continuation

Artemis 06/08/2005 17:39

it's terrible! toujours bien ton blog...
je vais essayer de signer la pétition...